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Thank you for your replies. exe" just started lots of explorer. When the inevitable complaints come, it's natural to get defensive and explain why the The goal of this process is to show the customer that you truly care about his patronage or . exe but I don't want to do that. of the form is more your style, you could use Stripe. be added to one of the current autoit functions or enable the other functions to work off . OpenProcess enables you to specify the  If you're talking about getting a process handle, then it's not an HWND (which is a window handle), but a HANDLE (i. I. I then need to get and save the window handle (i. DLL, which is distributed in the Microsoft® Platform Software Development Kit (SDK). This will help prevent the wrong window handle from being returned. To see them all and get their property names, type get-process | get-member. exe ) any idea? ps execution speed is also important While administrating a box, you may wanted to find out what a processes is doing and find out how many file descriptors (fd) are being used. Note 1: PowerShell’s commands are not case sensitive, thus you could type Get-Process, or Get-Process. 1. Another PowerShell instance is started and runs a script that looks for the other process and kills it. exits after the current foreground process exited (the third way of the four), the editor  Aug 20, 2012 Make sure you handle the situation well. Better integrate them in one process, perhaps in different modules. This real value is maintained at Ring 0 Level (that is from system VxD's). If you can identify that app by a running process, you’ll probably want to know who has the application/process still running. For compatibility with future  Gets a new Process component and associates it with the currently active process. It works well in "Process Explorer". The handle method is called when the job is processed by the queue. When you use this parameter, Get-Process returns a ProcessModule object (System. In order to do that, you would have to get a handle to the process you want to get the username for first. exe but I am looking for another way Get the process owner via PowerShell Let’s say you’ve got an app that needs to be closed throughout your environment. Probably most people who find their way to the docs page of curl_multi_exec, actually . Whether the process represented by this ProcessHandle object is normally terminated or not is implementation dependent. exe). Since i could not find any function like "EnumHandles", I was thinking of making a loop from 0 to 1000. Processes each of the handles in the stack. Diagnostics namespace and call Process. Visual Studio Languages , Windows Desktop Development > C++ Standards, Extensions, and Interop. We begin by getting the handle to a Toolhelp snapshot of the systems. then it ensures that the process gets terminated and any CreatePipe Handle s are closed. Feedback I need to list all open handles in current process. You can mail your renewal application directly to the State Department yourself. how can i get my current process handle? the function GetCurrentProcess return The return value is a pseudo handle to the current process. locations that can be installed in existing structures, like the Rayburn Building. Minors' passports may not be renewed by mail. close current handler To use the kill command for unix systems, find the process id and then 'kill the new server assuming you don't want to have to recreate your existing handles. So, after you roll out the new process, closely monitor how things are going in the weeks and months that follow, to ensure that the process is performing to expectations. Step 10 – Final Process Review. The calling thread can use this handle to specify itself whenever a thread handle is required. The HINSTANCE is not global, inheritable, or duplicative, and it cannot be used by another process. In general, because the window handle is cached, use Refresh beforehand to guarantee that you'll retrieve the current handle. . Okay, I'm making a trainer for Quake 2, and everything is working, exept I can't get the HWND of the Quake 2 window. You'll then see in the lower pane the list of handles for that process, including thread handles. What's the simplest way to obtain the current process ID from within your own application, using the . Once you have the token for the process, you would call GetTokenInformation passing the value TokenUser for I have a process that is a C# process. C# / C Sharp Forums on Bytes. . in C# . How to retrieve highest-load processes The main window is the window opened by the process that currently has the focus (the TopLevel form). Enum describing the different status of a process. I couldn’t find a simple C# only method. print 'NOT current user' win32api. e. uint16 ); func OpenProcessToken(process Handle, access uint32, token *Token) (err error) . You will surprised to find out that process does open all sort of files How do I do that? I find it incredibly hard to get Powershell to tell me the owner of a process and the way I tried, getting a wmi-object win32_process and then make that into a list of processes named "explorer. This privilege enables the current process to debug any other process provided that it knows the process ID. This monitoring will also allow you to fix problems as they occur. CloseHandle(hToken) Step 8 – Process Roles. g. Note that the fork system call returns the PID of the processes child to each process - It returns a zero to the child process and a non-zero child PID to the parent, so the return value indicates which process is which. I need to do something different if someone just double-clicks the application than if it is launched by a certain other process. with an current employee to help the new employee get acquainted with  Feb 16, 2018 The trademark application process is a legal proceeding governed by U. I think I finally understood what you want : basically you want to show one window obtained from the OpenCV library, inside a static control of a dialog box that you created using MFC. method, the job will not be queued and will be run immediately within the current process: This API handles cases where the renderer process for a WebView object goes away, either current WebView instance, 2) specify logic for how the app can Nov 13, 2018 See what is Average Handle Time, or AHT and look at five ways you can decrease Getting the right tickets to the right agent can have a positive impact on needs, as well as identify issues with current processes and tools. This value isn't almost insteresting. Get the participants together and review the process flow. : text [optional] The text of the window to get the PID. My intention is that win32 function can do on the same window form that was created in C#. Normally I would use a call to MainWindowHandle to do this (as shown in the sample code) but because the window is hidden, MainWindowHandle is 0. A pseudo handle is a special constant that is interpreted as the current thread handle. The basic list is sufficient for our purposes today, but you'll need to see the complete list in order to work with the process properties. And, since our application I have been looking for a way to query handles in a process. I've recently helped a client with this process, and in my experience it wasn't getting an account released for a client who had a pre-existing trademark, but in  Mar 7, 2017 How to handle an increasing amount of support requests and how you can optimize your resources and processes in relation to an increase of requests is to find a way to prioritize which request to start working on first. 16. handle. This article will also provide an insight on the windows API and how to call Win32 API functions from C#. Hey, Scripting Guy! I have a problem. GetCurrentProcess(). The above upvoted answers cover situations where a program process is holding the file handle open, which (fortunately) is most of the time - however in some cases (as is occurring on this system at the moment), the system itself holds a file handle open. The function GetClassName how to get the process name from the PID? (winapi C++ visual C++ 6. Handles are used Process IDs and job IDs are explicitly visible integers, while file descriptors  In Unix and related computer operating systems, a file descriptor (FD, less frequently fildes) is an abstract indicator (handle) used to access a file or Each Unix process (except perhaps a daemon) should expect to have three standard POSIX . 01 second time interval, in which case only one will succeed. It's a bad idea to have related pieces of UI in different processes. Another tactic is to assess your prospect's current duties and day-to-day to see what job . // Get a handle to the process. A police report can be invaluable to the claim process and  Sep 17, 2015 This post outlines the thinking behind our current escalation process and At our current size, each engineer gets one week on call and eight  Sep 27, 2017 Here's what you need to know about the eviction process and how you can recover. Few things work perfectly, right from the start. hSnapShot = lpfCreateToolhelp32Snapshot(TH32CS_SNAPPROCESS, 0 ); This handle is used to iterate through the process entries and compare them against the current process ID: LUID(); // this is only a "pseudo handle" to the current process - no need to close it later IntPtr processHandle = NativeMethods. exe instance is running at the same time and my script just hanging forever. The MainWindowHandle property is a value that uniquely identifies the window that is associated with the process. How to get "excutable" name in C# of a current process. Introduction¶. Also you can omit the ‘get’ in Get-Process, this is because ‘get’ is the default verb and PowerShell intelligently adds ‘Get-‘ to process. i'm using this command but i think it gets only the main titles and not every Get window handle from process ID. For compatibility with future operating systems, it is best to call GetCurrentProcess instead of hard-coding this constant value. The LeaveDebugMode method revokes the privilege to the current process. Ferris RMF Network Security July 2010)} How to get the handle of a window? SnapCrakllPop. Because multiple windows may have the same title, you should change the current console window title to a unique title. ApriorIT provides offshore system programming and advanced software development services. Need help? Post your question and get tips & solutions from a community of 425,076 IT Pros & Developers. Only while granted the debug privilege can a process attach to other processes that run in debug mode. Assign a role to each activity step. I need to terminate all processes project1. Dec 4, 2018 A pseudo handle is a special constant, currently (HANDLE)-1, that is interpreted as the current process handle. Hello Everyone, I am using the function attached below for retrieving the Current Process Name in a Kernel Driver. —SA Getting list of running processes. 6. Hello! How get session ID or session user name by process ID or process handle? TIA · get current process ID first then you can try this API: ProcessIDToSessionId() Good Luck Definition of get a handle on in the Idioms Dictionary. Once you have obtained the handle you can access the required window even if its title changes. The Handle property cannot be read because there is no process associated with this Process instance. Threads inside processes have a thread handle, and files and other resources (such as registry keys) have handles also. Remarks. May 28, 2019 Learn how to handle identity management in React apps with a global Lastly, you will need an Auth0 account (which you can get for free). That included Process. The Callback Handles section documents the Handle and TimerHandle instances Executing code in thread or process pools. SafeHandle, which provides the same functionality but with the handle wrapped in a SafeProcessHandle, which makes it more reliable to work with. But I did find a code snippet that works. Requests the process to be killed. The multiprocessing package offers both local and remote concurrency, effectively side-stepping the Global Interpreter Lock by using subprocesses instead of threads. Now I need to resize created window. Is there any way to get a current running process to a file? I know there is a way to do it with openfiles. From a newsgroup I got hold on this piece of sourcecode, which is supposed to get me the window handle from a processID. I need to know a handle of current process (project1. Return Value. To get paid, employees need to complete Form W-4 to document their filing status Many payroll processing services, like Square Payroll, handle your payroll you also need to add your current employees' year-to-date payroll information. How to get Main Window Handle of the last active window 2011-01-31 2014-07-27 Ahmet Yüksektepe While developing a litte application for Windows 7 in C# i encountered the problem that i needed to focus the last window after i started my application. and (3) whether you will be filing the application based on actual existing use of the mark or a  Jun 4, 2019 Get a new access token using the long-lived refresh token. Is there a way to get access to a window handle in windows using WSH, or WMI or similar? I just want to flag a window as always-on-top. Little intro to my project: I'm making a server for my PC (Autoit based) that will communicate with my Android device (I'm also making android client), and I would like to get a list of all processes and PIDs and win handles sent to my Android device, however, I discovered that listing these things using WinGetProcess and using GetWindowThreadProcessId from user32 If you are renewing your passport using Passport Renewal Application Form DS-82, Post Offices do not need to review or process your application. Displays a native border suitable for a control, on the current platform. HANDLE GetCurrentThread( ); Parameters. NET This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. And yeah, the code to do this is kind of ugly and can be also be very slow depending on how you handle it. Note that I'm talking about a child process and not a child window. The return value is a pseudo handle for the current thread. S. Get the current event loop. You must use the Refresh method to refresh the Process object to get the current main window handle if it has changed. Here is the process: Call GetConsoleTitle() to save the current console window title. First, you would call OpenProcessToken. title: The title/hWnd/class of the window to get the PID. Thanks in advance. Summary: Microsoft Scripting Guy talks about using Windows PowerShell to explore process threads in Windows. com. Hire a Trademark Attorney or Get Other Help? . This function allows you to use handles to specify windows rather than "title" and "text". Include the System. GetCurrentProcess(); // get the process token so we can adjust the privilege on it. The following example retrieves information of the current process,  May 30, 2018 If you have a process identifier, you can get the process handle by calling the OpenProcess function. Homebuying is an increasingly digital process. Use this to indicate that the window wants to get all char/key events for all keys - even for keys like TAB or This window should always process UI update events, even if the mode set by Returns the platform-specific handle of the physical window. Just before the card update form, you could display the current default card for the  May 29, 2019 What Kind of H-1B Petitions Are Most Likely to Get the Specialty . get a handle on phrase. Don't Panic: How to Handle an Eviction Notice You can't stop your landlord from getting a court order unless you pay the rent in full. js and Elements to handle this instead. handle=GetForegroundWindow(); // to get the current window form handle How to get the handle of Current process . Adult passports are valid for 10 years and may be renewed by mail. The MainWindowHandle Hi, I'm trying to list all/some process and need to include the username since the script has to run in a terminal server environment. Ideally I'd use windows script host for this. I can find the window handle fine. exe process ID directly by just finding all IDs with a name of powershell. Or maybe you want to prioritize new request coming in, before existing request?. Process IDs can be looked up any time for the current process or its direct parent using the getpid( ) and getppid( ) system How to get image name from process id. There can only be a collision if two like named batch processes attempt to get the PID within the same 0. How to get main window handle from process id? I want to bring this window to the front. Inputs Get-Window accepts the output of Get-Process as an input object. Just wondering if anyone know how you would go about getting the process handle of the current application that is running? i. you can do almost everything the handle would allow you to do. This handle can be used in most Win32 API functions that take a process handle parameter. '***** ' Name: Get window handlle (hWnd) from process ID ' Description:A module for retrieving the handle number (hWnd) of a window providing only the process id number (PID). How to get the title of the current active window in Windows sample in C#, VB. I want to prevent a problem if another powershell. sysinfo is a crate used to get a system's information. As a result, some of your users may be  Mar 14, 2016 Finding handle leaks in all processes at once for all handle types without a For big handle leaks the existing view is already enough but if you need in I also want to make sure that I do not get handles as leaks which are  Constants; Variables; func Accept(fd Handle) (nfd Handle, sa Sockaddr, . This code is seeking handles that match the given PID and returns the hanlde that refers to a visible window. Can anyone help me on how to get the unity window handle. It works using WMI (Get-WmiObject Win32_Process and GetOwner()) but get-process provides some more attributes I need to export to a logfile. NET Core 2. In this article we are going to study how to find the running instances of Internet Explorer on your machine. In computer programming, a handle is an abstract reference to a resource. This function has no parameters. Default is an empty string. You can also specify a particular process by process name or process ID (PID) or pass a process object through the pipeline to this cmdlet. I'm looking for help with making these easy to use on all types of pr How to get process id . To get Window handle WebDriver interface provides two methods CurrentWindowHandle – WindowHandles and it returns the Window handle of current focused browser window. Jun 30, 2017 But ECO processes don't just filter bad ideas, they also ensure that and the supply chain team needs to look at current stock to see if it . Hi, because then you would not get the name for any process. ProcessList ( ["name"] ) Parameters You can then use these unique names to pass to the PerformanceCounter Process instance instead of the Process Name to get at a specific process for profiling information. Getting Current Process ID. Place the steps into a flowcharting software program in a swim lane format. the HWND) for later processing. Process handles will spawn a new process and allow the user to control it and establish Process handle type. I can get the powershell. See Title special definition. You can get the MainWindowHandle property only for processes that are running on the local computer. This would be the better solution. Hi all! I'm trying to get a list of running processes. This differs from other handle types (such as file, pipe, or mutex objects), for which DuplicateHandle can create a duplicate that is valid for a different process. For that I can use SetWindowPos function, which takes a handle to the window as one of the arguments. Dec 31, 2018 Thomas Bateman and Scott Snell detail the new hire process in their text the training and the expectations of how business gets done around here. An unexpected error occurred while processing the request. i need to get the C# current window form handler and pass it to the Pinvoke win32 dll , cos i need to do some paint in win32 programming or load the bmp file or *. I answered on how to get the ID, please see, but this is not the best approach. -or- The Process instance has been attached to a running process but you do not have the necessary permissions to get a handle with full access rights. MainWindowHandle" returns 0 only, which is not returning the exact Unity Window Handle. Create a Process to start external EXEs. Any process that fails will repeatedly loop back and try again with a new lock file path until it succeeds. to get and set attributes associated with a file descriptor, including F_GETFD,  Or, the process may be getting sent more requests than it can accept at that time and can't handle the licensing request. The only exception is duplicate it to another sibling process. Earnest rate ranges are current as of April 17, 2019, and are subject to change  Squatter has a Twitter handle and their account name Is my domain name. Check for injuries; call an ambulance when in doubt. Without parameters, this cmdlet gets all of the processes on the local computer. NET Framework? How to get the current ProcessID in UWP? 7. So, if I can simply find any top level window owned by the current application process, i can make that window the owner of the library subwindow, and it closes fine (tested that already). multiprocessing is a package that supports spawning processes using an API similar to the threading module. nv5 (papago map). (processInfo); HANDLE 1) Get all the process information of Internet Explorer that is currently running. To close a console handle, a process can use the CloseHandle function. I have two Excel instances running. The following example retrieves information of the current process, processes running on the local computer, all instances of Notepad running on the local computer, and a specific process on the local computer. Use SetConsoleTitle() to change the current console window title. C# Process Handle from ProcessID. Step 9 – Transcribe Process. Returns an array listing the currently running processes (names and PIDs). Mar 21, 2016 Once in awhile you'll find a bug that allows you to leak a handle This allows a process to refer to the current process or thread using a  Oct 29, 2016 However, there are two built-in solutions to display the current open files list Handle is like a command-line version of Process Explorer. The same information is generally available through the I made two functions: one to get process id and the other to get a handle with all access to that process using the process id. In unity, when I use "Process. A good place to look for information about normal C/C++ utilities is stackoverflow, or the MSDN docs. 0 All Rights Reserved Ryan M. I have a debugger, and when I attach it to a process, I can see a list of handles: In my VBA application I start IExplore process with: Shell sIE, vbMaximizedFocus. below is my code. Forcible process destruction is defined as the immediate termination of the process, whereas normal termination allows the process to shut down cleanly. To find the owner of a process, use Get-WmiMethod to get a Win32_Process object that represents the process, and then use the GetOwner method of the object. AppWindow object with details of the current window state and associated Windows application. There are several ways to get the process id (and its handle afterwards) for any running process. 0). Before getting started with Laravel queues, it is important to understand the . Breadman. The question is how i can retrieve the name of each handle? I am using c++ and the OS is Win7 32-bit EDIT: The handle I need name of is a Mutex. Start. Any ideas? Could you successfully retrieve processes information from remote computer without calling GetOwner method? You can use following command to do this job if your current account is a member of the Administrators group on the remote computer. If you just need a HANDLE to the process use OpenProcess() , even if you get HMODULE for some process what can you do with it, and if it is a must for you, check out how to inject a DLL into another process' address space , this may allow you to fetch the other process' HMODULE using How can I get the handle of the active window? I wont know ahead of time the title or text. Simple searches use one or more words. I dont want to cycle through a WinList array, because I may have several windows with the same title. file names since the NSIS uninstaller copies itself to a temporary folder with a weird How to Get a List of Current Open Processes with Java? Last Updated on July 16th, 2017 by App Shah 8 comments This is a simple Java Program which grabs all running Process on system and prints each process line by line. How to get process id. How would I go about using get-process and stop-process to kill all instances of powershell that are running except for one? For example, I have one PowerShell instance running already. Call the police, even if the accident is minor. Feb 4, 2017 Quit or by manually killing the process. Hi, How to get process id of any running process by its name in windows. Assuming you have that, you will have to do a bit of P/Invoke calls to get it. You will also learn how to implement callback functions. Notes There are no notes associated with the Get-Window cmdlet. See Text special definition. But I did not fing application. Track their growth and see how you can help your prospect get to a place where your offering would fit . 2)Whatever information of iexplore i need is now stored in struct variable. It was considered obsoleted by Process. ProcessID Return window associated with this process ID. HANDLE It will demo how to get the title of the current active windows. The documentation contains more information about this pseudo-handle, including how to convert it to a real handle if you need to. Need help? Post your question and get tips & solutions from a community of 425,133 IT Pros & Developers. Separate the words with plus signs (cat +dog) to search for items that may contain cat but must contain dog. Does anyone know how to get either the Main Window Handle or the Windows Process ID of the current B1 client session. Using these API I also get the HANDLE of process. Normally we don't provide special NXOpen methods for things that you can do with the native language routines. What does get a handle on expression mean? + Add current page to bookmarks Remarks. The GetCurrentProcess() function returns a pseudo-handle which refers to the current process. Is there any way without using enumprocesses and CreateToolhelp32Snapshot? Function createprocess returns handle. exe instances. getting process information on windows #Get handle to the process based on PID hProcess = kernel. I am trying to get one instance to be able to access the second. So I decided to check the parent process. One of them is by using functions that are available in PSAPI. Handle (though it's since been added back for . Call(a uintptr) (r1, r2 uintptr, lastErr error); func (p *LazyProc) Find() error GetSystemDirectory retrieves path to current location of the system directory,  Wen I run a program -Run ( filename )-, I receive a PID as result. Real process id (useful for current process) Parent pid; Priority; Process name; Fully-qualified process name (with path) Warning: if you're using this from an uninstaller to get information about the currently running process, you will get unexpected e. But I can find a general way of finding windows in the same process. Separate the words with spaces (cat dog) to search cat,dog or both. , a kernel object handle);  What error does VirtualLock return? Unless it's something like "invalid process handle" then it could be something else going wrong like you're  Optional environment (otherwise inherit from the current process) . mathueie. This is because GetFocus only returns the window with the keyboard focus for the current thread's message queue. By default, Stop-Process prompts for confirmation before stopping any process that is not owned by the current user. Looking at Processes, Modules, and Threads with Powershell 2. Note, however, that a process can create a duplicate console handle only for its own use. Application object? My current attempt is shown below: How to get the HMODULE/HINSTANCE/HANDLE from static library in C++. Get-WMIObject -ComputerName RemoteComputerName-Class Win32_Process -Filter "Name=' winword. possible post a sample on how to do the API call and get the Token handle ? // handle to process Learning Points. Identify the roles (whom) that will be completing the activities for the process. Using OpenProcessToken. ProcessModule), not a process object. The process has not been started or has exited. On our system, every once in a while, we have this application where the threads go crazy. This i can achieve with CreateToolhelp32Snapshot, OpenProcess, Process32First,Process32Next. document shareholders' feedback about current processes along with other  Handle common sales objections from prospects without breaking a sweat. /// This class retrieves the IWin32Window from the current If you want to get the main HWnd of the Outlook process, get the Now we can get the handle of A process handle is an integer value that identifies a process to Windows. Diagnostics. exe and handle. GetProcessesByName("SAP Business One";) will not work if there is more than one B1 Session Open. Just need the hook for correct closing the process. Find the thread ID associated with your target  Sep 7, 2015 Whatever it is that is required to handle this particular exception, it's going As the user takes whatever action is necessary to get the exception back within the app allows you to have some visibility of all current exceptions. into your terminal (you might need to end the current process by hitting Ctrl + C ): The process is almost the exact same as that used to create the customer and store You can find more on updating a customer in our API docs. So when my application is running , it must already know handle . C# - Getting the Window Handle (HWND) from a Hidden Window. exe '" Step 6: Review the Process. The function seems to work fine on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (32 & 64). 0) I need to translate process id (PID) to process name (such as notepad. process for your company, try implementing an EC process to get your team started. A pseudo handle is a special constant, currently (HANDLE)-1, that is interpreted as the current process handle. Find sources: "Handle" computing – news · newspapers · books · scholar · JSTOR (April 2014) (Learn how and when to remove this template message). The Win32 API calls them a HANDLE; handles to windows are called HWND and handles to modules HMODULE. Outputs Get-Window returns a Vexasoft. Get Free Access. The return value is a pseudo handle to the current process. law . like that which is returned from OpenProcess via EnumProcesses Basically what I need to do is to check to make sure that every instance of a particular COM object is running that is suppose to be. So in this case, you cannot pipe the output of the command to a cmdlet that expects a process object, such as Stop-Process. Jul 17, 2018 How to handle Windows 10 updates a straightforward procedure into a seemingly complicated process that varies but now we are updating it for the current release, the Windows 10 April 2018 Update. The calling process can use a Examples. So without knowing the handle, you can find out all about your current Job, and assign child processes within the current job, or if you have permission, without the current job. Current working directory for the subprocess. An article by one of ApriorIT software developers. exe except current process. Below are a few practical steps that you can use to get a handle on your cash: Assess and measure the accuracy and effectiveness of your current process  Prepare to handle authorization declines depending on whether: Make sure that you have a process in place (IPN handler or Polling) that correctly If the buyer is not present when you receive a decline, check the response parameter  Users who have problems problems getting rid of runaway shell scripts using There are several ways to handle abortion of shell scripts when SIGINT is . Example 1 Delphi Program Name,Process ID,Window Handle; Getting the parent process filename of a PID, usin Wait for thread without freezing the application - Create a Job object And terminate Child Process; Run an application and get the handle to its windo November (2) People using the Win32 API function GetFocus may have noticed that it will only return the handle (hWnd) of controls in your own application, and if you try focusing in another process, you will get NULL. How can I translate the handle into an Excel. that is it allways return "pseudo handle is a special constant, currently (HANDLE)-1 => 0xFFFFFFFF" (MSDN) using the code with OpenProcess: DWORD pid = GetCurrentProcessId(); HANDLE hProcess2 = OpenProcess(0 The Get-Process cmdlet gets the processes on a local computer. The etag supplied in the If-match header no longer corresponds to the current etag of the resource. Well my - A Process Handle is a pseudohandle that you can use in those funtcions that require it, like OpenProcess() an so on. - A Process ID is a wrapping value of the real Process ID the system work with. Name of process, Process id, Process parent id. Signal Returns the pid for the current process. ProcessList. How does the handle value look like? Does it seem to be hi i'm trying to get all window titles from an application that runs in Citrix invironnement. Note: There's quite a few more process properties available to you. get handle to current process